Air Hose Coupling

Also known as Chicago-style “Claw” Fittings, Universal Air Hose Fittings/Couplers are used in pneumatic applications to connect air hoses to compressed air supply machines, air lines, or other air tools. These couplings can be used for air, water, and some chemicals.

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These fittings are one-quarter turn fittings (meaning they require only a quarter turn to connect). They are typically seen in low to medium pressure air and water hose assemblies. These fittings are versatile across many industries and a convenient way to quickly connect hoses of different diameters. This is capable because all sizes up to 1” interchange with each other. All our Universal Air Hose fittings are rated to 150 psi.

To connect, push two couplings together with a quarter twist. Couplings have a safety clip and lanyard to prevent accidental disconnection.