Clemco Blasting Hose

This high-quality brand belongs to the product group “pressure blast systems”. Only the perfect configuration and match of all system components in a blast machine enable maximum blasting efficiency. Therefore Clemco offers an extensive and complete range of quality products.

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Blast Hose SM-2

A modern sandblasting hose requires high demands on raw materials and the corresponding combination in different layers. Sandblasting hoses must also meet the highest safety standards and maximum economy. The Clemco sandblasting hose convinces with its extreme abrasion resistance and sets standards in the industry. Its unique core quality enables the conveying of every common blasting media. In addition, its antistatic hose construction provides the necessary protection against electrostatic charging. The SM-2 sandblasting hose with 50mm³ abrasion resistance offers a perfect mixture of economy and durability.

Length 20/40m mm
Blasting pressure 0 < > 12 bar
Operating temperature -35°C < > +80°C
Standards DIN ISO 4649: 2014 (50mm³)

EN ISO 3861:2008